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Kissan group is a famous group of India Kissan Iron Works is a one of the company of Kissan group. Since 1965 as per certificate of government of India. Kissan Iron Works is a leading manufacture of Diesel Engines, Generator sets, Welding sets, Water pumps & pumping sets, which are mainly used in Agricultures, Industries, Home and General requirement for power Generation and water.

Product quality
The products manufactured at Kissan Iron Works India are as per IS-11170 specification and are keeping in mind the customer's requirements and rapidly changing technology. The products are cost effective and to ensure quality each product undergoes stringent quality control measures supervised by designated personnel.

Technical professional and experienced has led the company reach glorious heights since the beginning. Kissan Iron Works, India has production unit in Agra .Unit are well equipped with latest technology Kissan Iron Works, India has a production capacity up to. 50,000 engines. Generator sets, Pump sets and centrifugal water pumps per annum.

We aim at
The capability of Kissan Iron Works, India to satisfy clientele world wide has made the company confident that it can serve customers better always.

We invite new business proposals, tie -ups and business ventures from across the globe.
'' All sorts business queries all welcomed.''


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