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A simple machine or a device which converts mechanical energy in to electrical energy is called an electric generating set. The prime mover of generator is diesel engine, hence it is also termed as a diesel generator set.

The generator set is of rotating armature type. The armature is provided with an A.C. winding connected to slip ring. The field system comprises of:

A main field winding to provide no load excitation, fed from the armature winding through a rectifier bridge

An auxiliary field winding for load compounding, supplied by a rectifier in series with the out-put.

Single Phase, 230 Volts. A.C. Generator (Alternator)

Terminal Board Note:
   Standard Rotation is
   Anticlockwise From NDE



Generating Sets are available in Single Phase and Three Phase, Air Cooled/Water Cooled in the type of:

Resistive load :

The resistive load generating sets are of unity power factor and are suitable for applications where usage is approximately of unity power factor . The range is:

Single Phase : 1 KVA, 1.5 KVA, 2 KVA, 2.2 KVA, 3 KVA, 4 KVA, 5 KVA, 6 KVA, 7 KVA, 8 KVA, 10 KVA, 12 KVA, 14 KVA, $ 16 KVA.

Three Phase : 2.5 KVA, 5 KVA, 6.25 KVA, 7.5 KVA, 8.75 KVA, 10 KVA, 12.5 KVA, 15 KVA, 17.5 KVA, $ 20 KVA.

Inductive load:

The Inductive Load Generating sets are of 0.8 power factor and are suitable for industrial use and in domestic cases where the main load is of motors, compressors, pumps, chokes etc. In these types of sets excitation system is fitted in the panel box and for automatic voltage regulation, current transformer is the panel box and for automatic voltage regulation, current transformer is used. The range is :

Single Phase:  5 KVA, 6 KVA, 7 KVA, 8 KVA, 10 KVA, 12 KVA, 14 KVA, 16 KVA.

Three Phase:  6.25 KVA, 7.5KVA, 8.75 KVA, 10 KVA, 12.5 KVA, 15 KVA, 17.5 KVA, $ 20 KVA.

Three Phase, 415 Volts. A.C. Generator(Alternator)

Terminal Board Note:
   Standard Rotation is
   Anticlockwise From NDE


On the basis of starting $ stopping, the Generating sets can be classified in to

Manual Start:

In this type, the generating sets can only be starter by cranking the engine using starting handle. The stopping is also manual by pulling stop lever

Self Start:

In this type, a gear pinion is fitted on the flywheel and a self is provided on the channel frame along with the starting key for starting. To operate this type of set, a 12V battery with battery charger is required.
Note: The battery charger is provided by the company but 12V battery (Minimum 13 Plates) is to be arranged by the buyer.

Auto Start $ Auto
off system ( AMF) :

In this type, in addition to system as per

a) Above, a panel is provided which automatically starts the generator in case of main power failure $ stop the generator on power resumption. Automatic changeover is also provided in the panel. Manual starts option is also available in this

b) Auto Stop $ auto changeover system: In this type, starting is manual but generator is stopped by auto-stop assembly when mains power resumes $ mains changeover is also automatic as in the case of 'c'.


Guidelines for selection of Generating Set

Before selecting a generating set, the following points should be kept in mind:

Calculate the total load (wattage/KVA) required to be run by generating set.

Check if the load is mainly of unity power factor or 0.8 power factor. For unity power factor resistive type & for 0.8 p.f. inductive type set is recommended.

While calculating the load, calculate the actual power consumption of appliances, .In case of compressors, motors and other motor operated appliances, starting load should be taken while calculating the load.

It is recommended, to take-at least 10% higher capacity generating set than the actual requirement for long service.



 The Generator requires clean high speed diesel oil.

The Generator requires lubricating oil of correct grade. In summers SAE-40 and in winters SAE-30. Keep Mobil Oil level upto the upper indication mark on the dipstic gauge.

The Generator requires clean air. The generator room should be airy. Always keep air cleaner clean.

The Generator requires cleaning. Use clean piece of cloth for cleaning.

The Generator requires proper attention. Tighten all nuts $ bolts after every 150 hours of running. Do not over-load the Generator.

The Generator requires genuine spare parts for its maintenance.

Proper handling initiative is essential to avoid damaging of parts of your Generator Set.

The Generator should be installed in a clean dry place and in no case the set should be enclosed by a covering. While in use.

There should be adequate ventilation and the Genset should be operated in an ambient temperature not exceeding 40*C.

The Generator set should be mounted in a horizontal position on a trolley or to a rigid foundation ( Using vibration pads).

Care should be taken that the outlet of the exhaust pipe should be out of the Generator room and that there should more than one bend in the exhaust pipe.



The on-of switch of electrical mains should be in off position.

The Mobil oil level, water in radiator and fuel should be checked before starting.

The should be no air in water body and fuel pump

Now bring the decompressor lever in upright position.

Rotate Flywheel fast with the help of starting handle to maximum speed.

Push decompressor lever down, the generator will start now.

Do not switch on all electrical appliances together. Put the load step by step on the generator.



Note: (Switch off all loads on the generator before the checking process)

A. If the Generator does not given current.

Check that the diode plate of the A.C. Generator is not fused ( It is provided in the connection Box.)

Check that all the connections are intact.

Check that the connections of the connection plate fitted in the connection box are intact.

Checks that the connection of the rectifier bridge fitted in the grill are intact.

Check the resistance connections provided by side of the A.C. Generator grill.

B. If the Voltage Regulation is unsatisfactory

Check the continuity of the field winding and rotor winding, this is to be checked from the connection box by a multimeter.

Check that speed of the generator is correct both on and off load.

Check that the generator is not overloaded.

Check that leads or tags are not twisted.

Check that the lead of the generator is not too long.

C. If there is flickering of light.

Check the carbon brushes.

Check that the resistance connections are not loose.

Check if there are any twists or bends in the lead.

Check that the coupling is not loose/broken.





A. Difficult Starting

No diesel oil in tank

Fill Diesel oil in the fuel tank

There is air in the fuel pipe

Remove air by loosening air ventscrew.

Filter fuel pipe is loose, broken or crack

Tighten the fuel pipe, if broken or or crack, change.

Fuel injection nozzle faulty

Open and check fuel injection nozzle, On operating if it does not give Proper diesel spray change it

B. Engine stops, after short interval

Fault in Supply of fuel

Check fuel connections, it loose tighten them.

Presence of water in fuel

changing oil and fill fuel tank with fresh oil.

Fuel filter chocked

Element to be changed.

Injector nozzle faulty

Check injector nozzle.

Mobil Oil short or faulty

Check for the Mobil Oil level quality.

C. Engine lacks power due to dirty exhaust

Fault in supply of fuel

Fuel connections, it loose tighten them.

Fuel not up to slandered

Change oil and fill standard oil in fuel tank.

Soot in Air cleaner

Clean air cleaner, if needed replace.

Exhaust silencer is chocked

Exhaust silencer to be cleaned.

D. Engine gets Over Heated

The engine is over loaded

Do not over load engine.

Inadequate water supply

Check water supply system.

Lubricating oil failure

Check-up the oil level.

Exhaust gas getting re circulated

Modify the exhaust system so that gas is not sucked by radiator and A.C. generator (Alternator) fan.



To start the engine ensure that the decompressor lever is in its upright position now rotate the flywheel fast with the help of the starting handle when the flywheel is turning at a fast speed push the decompressor lever down and continue cranking firmly for few turns. The engine will now start.

Check all nuts and bolts of the engine, if loose righten them.

Do not fill Mobil oil in the engine chamber more than the upper indication mark or less than lower indication mark of dipstick gauge if lesser than lower mark fill-up oil, While measuring By gauge do not screw it.

After every four hours of running fill-up the fuel tank with diesel oil also repeat the same at the end of day's work do not keep fuel tank empty.

After every 150 hours of running change the used Mobil oil by unscrewing the drain plug at the bottom of the crank case.

To remove the air from fuel pump and fuel filter, loosen the air vent screw of the fuel pump and And allow fuel oil to bleed until it is free from air bubbles.

After every 150 hours of running of the clean the exhaust silencer by knocking out the shoot.

To stop the engine press the stop lever till the engine stops totally. Never stop the engine with the help of decompressor lever.

After every 150 hours of running of the engine, clean the air cleaner and put 50 grams of Mobil Oil.



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