Petter Type Water Cooled Diesel Engine

  • Petter Type, High Speed, Water-Cooled,Single Cylinder, Bearing Type Diesel Engine :- 5, 6.5, 7.5, 8, 10, 12 & 14 HP
  • Petter Type, High Speed, Water-Cooled, Double Cylinder, Bearing / Bush Type Diesel Engines :- 8,10,12,16,20,24, & 28 HP
  • Petter Type, High Speed Diesel Engines
  • Petter Type, High Speed Diesel Engines

Diesel Engines

All purpose agricultural & construction equipment diesel engine.
C.I. Construction robust engine.
simple design, & easy in operation.
Extensive parts are interchangeable within the engine family.
Continuous operation up to rated r.p.m.
Fuel economic due to its low r.p.m

Water cool, Vertical, Double cylinder, Four stroke Diesel engine.
Turbulence-chamber combustion ( pre – combustion )
Liner of chrome plated for better life.
Crankshaft running on taper roller bearing.
Low noise due to its lower r.p.m.
Splash lubrication
Piston of Aluminium Material

Pumping Set.
Rice Mill.
Turbine Pump.
Sugarcane Crusher.
Oil Expeller.
Stone crusher.
Concrete mixture.
Conveyor belt drive

Air cleaner.
Exhaust silencer.
Diesel filter.
Fuel tank.
Starting handle.
Tool kit bag.
Instruction manual.